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Best Linux Server for Web Hosting

Best Linux Server for Web Hosting | Perfect Hosting Solution

Choosing the best Linux server web hosting is not an easy task because you have plenty of options with open-source Linux platform. 

To simplify your hosting needs, you want to choose the best Linux server for web hosting.

If you are confused with an operating system which one to choose?

As you know there are plenty of Linux servers available open source where you can host your website.

Though the Windows platform is also very popular most of the time you will find Linux Os for Web servers.

This article helps you to choose the perfect Linux OS for your Web hosting needs.

We have tested multiple Linux OS for Web hosting and found some powerful solutions that are very helpful in web hosting.

Therefore, we have tested open-source control panels as well such as Fast Panel, cyberpanel, plesk, etc.

Though Plesk is paid and does not offer any open source solution.

Dealing with all the questions we found a perfect web hosting solution based on the Linux Platform.

So, first, let’s know what Linux hosting is?

What is a Linux Web Hosting Solution?

In simple words, it is a platform for running websites and website applications like famous WordPress, Joomla, etc.

The server running the website uses Linux as its base operating system.

You first install the Linux OS and then you install the hosting package or control panel for hosting services.

However, Windows Server also provides you with all the features related to hosting.

But we found only Plesk is the one which provides you perfect solution with the control panel i.e paid.

The best part of Linux Hosting is, that it is known for its great stability, scalability, security, and reliability.

Therefore, it has support for plenty of software, and programming languages, and is available with a control panel in the open source model.

Hosting a website on a Linux server gives you the best performance with low configuration compared to Windows OS.

Operating systems supported by Linux for Web hosting are Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Alma Linux & Fedora.

Most of them you may grab as an open source to make your server ready.

How to choose Best Linux for Server Hosting

At this point, everyone has a challenge, which one to pick for web server hosting.

If you are a Linux Admin and hosting a few websites for your company.

You can choose Ubuntu, CentOs, or Alma Linux and install the packages needed for web hosting.

In this path, you have to do many things manually and will need more expertise on Linux OS.

Therefore, you can also use the control panel, like the fast panel and cyber panel to host your website with limited functions.

But after comparing many solutions, we found CentOS and Alma Linux very useful when it comes to installing Linux for Server Hosting.

This means you can install and configure a complete server and offer a service as a hosting service provider.

Because you get all the features, that are needed for the complete Web server hosting solution provider.

CWP Centos Control Panel is an excellent choice for a complete website hosting solution provider.

Even if you want to host a few websites of your company only without any expenses.

It offers you open source free version, where you can host 10 accounts free of cost.

Most of the powerful features are available with cwp control panel which you can use.

You can use the base operating system CentOS or Alma Linux to install cwp control panel.

Pricing for CWP Web Hosting Server

After researching a lot on all the features and functions, we found Cwp a perfect choice for all web hosting needs.

Whether you use a VPS server or a dedicated server, you can make use of the CWP control panel.

You get some limitations with the free version, but still, we assure you that, you will be able to host multiple sites with great speed and security.

If we compare the pricing of Virtualmin, DirectAdmin, and Centos Control Panel.

We found the best features, functions, and prices with the CWP control panel.

It offers you a yearly license at a bare minimum cost i.e. appx 12 dollars/Year.

Therefore, if you get this license, you can host unlimited domains and unlimited accounts.

Moreover, it unlocks the feature of reseller hosting for you.


web hosting server pricing

Why CWP Hosting for Web Server?

First of all, it uses the open source Linux Operating systems like CentOs or Alma Linux.

Installation is easy and automatic, you just need to configure it according to your needs.

Set your name servers with your primary subdomain.

Host it on cloud, on-premises, VPS, or Dedicated Server.

Provides you with a User-friendly interface that is easy to use.

Cost-effective, get the license for just 12 dollars to unlock all the features.

Create plans and assign web storage according to your needs.

Great security and Powerful firewall with CSF and LFD that blocks the threat automatically.

Therefore, you also get the Mod Security, SSL Generator, Maldet Scan, RKhunter Scan as well as user login security.

You can create multiple subdomains, email accounts, FTP, etc.

Moreover, it also supports the file system lock and php defender to protect your website code.

If you want to set the different PHP versions for different websites, that is also available with cwp.

Along with all the above features, it is powered by the one-click installer as well.

1 click installer helps you to install the website in one click, such as WordPress, Moodle, OwnCloud, Whmcs, etc.

best linux server for web hosting

CWP Support & Installation

You get the installation instructions on the CWP control panel website.

Therefore, you will also get the documentation on their website.

But still, you are confused and need a complete solution to set up cwp control panel.

Feel free to contact us at We will be happy to assist you in correctly configuring your server.

If you want to host only your website on cwp fastest web hosting server.

You can visit to get the cheapest web hosting for your business.

We assure you that, you will find it best hosting service provider price in India.


Watch out for the Video to install the Centos control panel on CenstOS

Final Words

After comparing all the plans, features, functions, and license costs.

CWP hosting is the best choice to reduce the budget on your web hosting needs with all features.

If you are technical, host your web server to host multiple websites for your company and cut the hosting budget.

The cwp control panel is the best Linux server for web hosting.

Therefore, if you are non-technical and need the best hosting solution for your website.

Don’t wait, just grab the best suitable plan for your hosting needs from and host your website at a supercharge.

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