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How to find Secure Web Hosting in 2024

Secure Web Hosting in 2024 – Important Things To Know

Secure Web Hosting in 2024 comes with great new Powerful features to keep your website safe & up. This article helps you to find the best secure web hosting platform for your business website. Before jumping in it is better to know what should be considered when choosing the best secure web hosting service.

Get ready to elevate your online presence with the security of your digital assets. CwpHosting is your new home for trusted and secure web hosting solutions.

What is Secure Web Hosting?

Secure web hosting is a feature that hosting provider provides to their clients with powerful security features. This secure web hosting feature is not available with all the hosting service providers.

Therefore, whenever you are looking for Secure, fast, and affordable hosting. You need to check with a few things in mind. You should check the security features that include

A powerful hosting server with security patches applied.

A smart firewall should be applied on the server to ensure only the right person gets access to the control panel

Free or paid SSL certificate must be offered by the service provider to secure the website

If you are using shared hosting, make sure your website is perfectly isolated from others.

Unwanted and harmful traffic is perfectly blocked by the smart firewall

Make sure that, the hosting provider provides the automatic backup feature, on a weekly or monthly basis.

There should be protection against DDoS attacks

However, two-factor authentication is more advantageous to secure web hosting

Also, the control panel of your website should be user-friendly and easy to use.

Moreover, check that your service provider provides you with the feature of system file lock to protect the website code.

Check whether you have additional security for defending PHP and rootkit scans.

The most important thing that all providers will not provide you with the cpanel is an Antivirus Scanner.

So, make sure if you need secure hosting you should have the Antivirus scanner in your control panel.

Therefore, whenever you are trying to buy a web hosting service that should be secure.

You should consider all the above points to make your website safe and secure from attacks.


How to Choose the Most Secure Web Hosting Solution


secure web hosting features

Keep the above steps in mind when you are buying the hosting solution

You need to check the details of the plan that they are offering.

Make sure, that you have a file system lock, a Powerful firewall on the system, an Antivirus Scanner, etc.

If these details are not mentioned, you can easily chat with the hosting provider.

Initiating a chat will also ensure you that, how your service provider supports you.

You will get an idea about the support if they fulfill all your queries.

Also, you can go through their website and testimonials.

The most important thing is to try before you buy.

However, you can ask your provider to provide you with the demo control panel before you buy.

Most of the time they will not provide you with it, but if the company provides you that, that means they are confident with the service that they are offering.

In the year 2024, it is more important to focus on website security.

As you already know the internet is nowadays full of different and new attacks

It is necessary to check the security features you get with your web hosting packages.

Why CWP Secure Hosting

Cwp is a short name for the Centos Web Panel. relies on the powerful and latest server where the Centos web panel is installed securely.

With Cwp Hosting (Centos Web Panel), you have plenty of security features.

Therefore, does not lock any premium feature from their client.

That means you get all the premium feature and security that comes with Centos Web Panel.

Centos Web Panel is designed with Powerful security features along with a user-friendly control panel.

Find some of the security features CWP offers.


Secure web hosting


Fortified Security:

Safeguard your business website data with our robust security measures.

Get the benefit of a Powerful and smart firewall.

Protect your website data with encryption with a free SSL Certificate.

Check detailed Statistics of your website free of cost.

Blazing Fast Speed

Say goodbye to a slow slow-loading website. offers you the web space of SSD drives with high bandwidth connection

Fast-loading websites ensure the best user experience for your visitors.

Website navigation makes it easy for your visitors to check all the pages quickly, which boosts your online presence.

Scalability with your hosting plans

As you grow your business or traffic grows on your website. It is easy to upscale your hosting needs. You can simply contact the support via email or chat to upgrade your hosting package.

Reliable Uptime

Your website must be highly available and up all the time. Whether you are running search engine marketing or Google ads, your website will be always accessible. Cwphosting guarantees you high uptime so that your website is accessible 24/7. We guarantee you an uptime of 99.5%

Expert Support

Support is one of the most important things when you are hosting your website on a hosting provider’s platform. When you get the proper support, your business runs smoothly. Therefore, provides you the 24/7 chat support. You can file your complaint at any time via chat or email to check the issue immediately.

Exclusive Hosting Pricing

We do not keep our price so high that an individual has to think about their pocket. Experience budget-friendly hosting with our Cheapest Web Hosting Plan, catering to a single website at an exclusive rate of Rs 99 per month for a full year. However, these prices may vary from time to time but this is the default price we are offering now.

Also, the renewal cost is not as high, as other hosting provider has. So, if you are looking for safe, secure, and affordable hosting. Consider and get secure with a 15-day money-back guarantee.


secure web hosting plans-min

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