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What is CWP Hosting

What is CWP Hosting | Secure & Fast Web Hosting

What is CWP Hosting & Its Features: CWP is a short form of Centos Web Panel.

Cwp Hosting is a Centos Web Panel hosting that is free and open source with limited service if you use it for free.

It is designed to simplify the web management for your web server.

If you want to host multiple websites for your organization.

You can use cwp (Centos Web Panel) Hosting on your server.

Cwp is based on the Linux Centos distribution.

Cwp hosting is a fast secure and quiet user-friendly web panel that uses a similar platform like Cpanel & Plesk.

Therefore, it has plenty of features such as Domain Management, Database Management, Email configuration, etc.

To use the complete feature of cwp hosting, you must install the license to it.

Let’s see what key features CWP includes

what is cwp hosting

CWP Hosting Features

Web Server Management:

It has a powerful web server management where you can manage and configure your web server with Nginx & Apache.

You have full control of your server like updating the repository, configuring DNS, Reboot, etc

Therefore, you can also set the PHP version for the complete server.

If you have an active license, you get the option to set the different php for different domains.

Moreover, it also offers, Nodejs, softaclues, and free SSL from Let’s Encrypt

Along with this, you have multiple choices for Database selection like Mysql, PostgreSQL & MongoDB

Furthermore, you also get the DNS Manager, File Manager & Powerful Security.

Email Configuration:

With the Cwp Control panel, you get the free email configuration for your domain.

It allows you to create unlimited email accounts for your domain.

You get the complete toolset to manage and configure your email accounts for the related domain you host on the server.

Therefore, it also helps you with email spam protection, mail routing, and mail server statistics.

Cwp also allows you to restrict your hourly email.

Moreover, you also get the feature to set the spf, dkim, dmarc, and RDNS (Reverse DNS)

It also blocks the unauthenticated emails sent through the server automatically.

It means that you have a complete solution for email configuration with cwp web hosting server.

So, if you host your domain with a cwp hosting server, you have a complete solution for a fast website with email accounts.

cwp hosting email

Database Management:

You can use PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB databases with the user control panel to manage your databases.

With the Cwp Centos Control panel, it is easy to configure your Database for your application or WordPress Website.

Control Panel for User Database management is easy and user-friendly.

FTP Management:

Cwp Hosting provides you with the FTP manager, where you can configure multiple FTP accounts.

Therefore, the upload and download are quite fast with the CWP web panel, compared to other FTP services.

Cwp allows you to easily set up the FTP account and upload your files within a time frame.

Security & Firewall in CWP Hosting:

Cwp web panel also includes powerful security features like free SSL and a firewall.

It helps servers to keep safe and secure.

Therefore, it also protects the unwanted login to your application.

Even it blocks the access to control panel and website in case of threat detection.

Moreover, it also includes mod security, Maldet Scan & RKHunter Scan to protect the website.

You also get the file system lock to protect your important files.

Apart from this, it has some other additional security to secure the server.

Check the video below to see how easy it is to install SSL on cwp hosting server

CWP Script Installer:

The cwp web panel includes multiple scripts to install the application in one click.

You can use a script installer to install some popular applications, like WordPress, Joomla, Moodle, etc.

Therefore, some other one-click install scripts available with cwp are Laravel, Symfony, osTicket, Nextcloud, Owncloud, Whmcs, Prestashop, etc.

So, whenever you are in the need of these applications,

You can install it in one click with cwp panel.

cwp hosting scripts

CWP Hosting DNS Manager:

DNS manager helps to open your website on the internet by converting IPs into names.

Cwp hosting allows you to manage all the DNS records with a user-friendly interface.

You get the complete Zone Editor to edit your DNS entry.

You can create & manage your records like host A, MX record, TXT record, etc, without any issue.

It also allows you to create add-on domains and subdomains with the same user interface without any issues.

CWP User Interface:

CWP CentOS Web Panel offers a standard & quality web-based user interface, which makes it easy for users to manage their hosting packages.

You can manage your hosting more confidently with a clean and user-friendly file manager, FTP manager, etc.

You will find the user control panel very useful and easy to use just similar to Cpanel.

Moreover, the cwp panel also offers you the statistics of your website.

So, whenever you want to check the statistics of your website,

You can easily navigate to statistics and check the stats of your website.


Getting all the features in a cwp makes it completely powerful, secure, and safe website hosting.

As it includes all the necessary and popular features that a web hosting needs.

You get the complete web hosting, email, setup, DNS management, FTP management, etc.

Furthermore, your website is completely safe and protected with a powerful firewall.

It excludes your budget on SSL, by providing you with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate.

These are all features you get with user user-friendly environment.

So, you have a fast, secure website hosting with cwp centos panel.

To get the CWP Hosting Package for your business website hosting.

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